As many of the drivers who buy used cars Bedford will be aware, congestion can be a major problem for drivers. In addition to making it difficult to reach work or appointments on time, congestion can be responsible for slow attendance by the emergency services.

However, recent research has shown that congestion can have a further cost: a financial one.

It is estimated that congestion is costing Britain £4.4 billion every year.

Of this cost, £2 billion can be attributed to London alone, whilst other problem areas include Belfast, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Coventry, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The research was carried out by traffic information firm Inrix together with the Centre for Economics and Business who analysed traffic queues in the 18 largest urban areas of the UK.

As a result, they were able to determine that the average motorist spends up to 40 hours every year stuck in traffic jams, leading to losses caused by wasted fuel. In addition, the study found that the cars which spent the most time in congestion were also more likely to suffer engine failure as a result, meaning higher costs for the driver/owner. The figure of £4.4billion relates to the lost fuel as it is difficult to calculate the loss for families in fixing any problems caused by congestion.

Those customers looking for used Honda Dundee could soon be looking at more cars designed and produced in the UK as the company’s vehicle engineering centre has received the official thumbs up from the Japanese bosses.

When it was first introduced, the aim of the UK based centre was to give support to the main development centre in Frankfurt. However, as confidence in the skill and technique of the UK based engineers and their work continued and grew, as have their responsibilities.

A spokesman for Honda explained the process, saying “There was no particular date of setup for the centre,” a spokesman explained to us. Rather, it was a matter of Japanese management gradually gaining confidence in the site over the years.When management felt confident it could take on these lead roles, it handed over more responsibility.”

The first major project from the Swindon based centre was the Civic Tourerwhic was built and engineered in Frankfurt but had significant input from the UK base. The success of the Tourer, and the many awards it has won have only increased confidence in the UK base. As a result, the 2014 model Civic will feature more input from the Swindon engineers.

If you’ve been impacted by the impractical prices of used auto parts a couple of in the past, then, it’s not necessary to worry any longer. The necessity to used parts has elevated because of the truth that these parts can increase the value of your vehicle as well as your pocket.

If you feel your vehicle need highly listed new auto parts, then you’re wrong because the used parts function just like they. As well as, that the price of a second hand auto part is virtually half the price of the brand new one, giving the additional affordability. For example, the expense of the new hummer wheels that are constructed with steel are extremely costly. The costs of numerous such wheels are becoming greater daily and they may be too expensive following a certain level. In such instances, it might be a smart decision to choose used parts in comparison to they for that inescapable fact that you could save a lot of money.

When a vehicle becomes non-functional, it’s important to figure out ways to really make it functional. To achieve that you should read the automobile engine because of its functionality. The next phase is always to discover the very best auto recyclers in the region. When the recycler examines the part that doesn’t work, they are able to immediately estimate the need for the car part. You may be easily paid out for that auto spend the opportunity to make money for that part that’s not functioning. The car recycler is an individual who advantages of the inventory of used parts providing you with an additional value for that part that’s no longer working.

Known by many people names for example junk yards, destroying yards, or perhaps salvage yard, the car recyclers provide ability to provide you with the best offer on vehicle parts. There’s a large network present to provide you with a great deal for auto parts available. Auto recycling is possibly the very best term that may be referred to for that used vehicle part buyer. There are also a car part that’s way underneath the regular prices available inside a normal auto retail store.

You’ll be able to spend less than 50 percent on purchasing a second hand auto part or a re-manufactured part. It’s a terrific way to reduce particularly popular types of trucks and cars which are substantially greater within their retail price. This retail price of those parts won’t permit you to save much cash. You won’t find it hard to find used parts online because they make their presence online with discount rates along with other attractive features online. Online auto recyclers enable someone to buy the parts online. You will find considerable discount rates and shopping facilities available on the web.

Search for an internet site that provides affordable and quality used Auto Parts and Auto Add-ons. You’ll find large amounts of engines, truck parts, vehicle parts, engines of popular models, BMW alloy wheels, car headlights from the cars, truck parts along with other important automotive parts and add-ons online.

Consumers looking for sports cars for sale Hertfordshire could soon be getting an additional choice thanks to the latest design from Nissan.

The sports car is not only stunning in design but is also expected to be the first completely electrical sports car from Nissan. The car will be known as the Bladeglider and many have compared the style and finish of the vehicle to something they might see in a Batman comic.

The most impressive element of the vehicle however remains the lithium-ion battery which has already been used to great effect in the Nissan LEAF

For their part, Nissan are very excited about their new vehicle, with Ben Bowlby the Director of Nissan Motorsport Innovation saying “I think the excitement of the racing car should be mirrored in the excitement of driving the road car.” He continued “I think there are elements we can bring from the race track to make these future road cars more exciting, more fulfilling and give greater driving pleasure.”

At the moment, the car is still very much in the prototype stage but with the amount of critical and commercial buzz being created, it’s unlikely that this will remain the case for too long.

Car and road safety is of course a vital factor for many of the motorists shopping for used cars for sale Stevenage, and therefore any new safety features are likely to be met with enthusiasm.

With that in mind, the prospect of autonomous Emergency Braking systems (known as AEB) is one which is gathering excitement.

The systems were recently trialled by Euro NCAP and based on their results, AEB could cut rear end crashes by up to a third.

Using a dummy car to assess the effectiveness of the braking systems, the aim of their tests was to assess just how useful the technology would be in real-life situations.

NCAP carried out two tests, one under normal circumstances and one using the AEB systems. Discussing their results, Michiel Van Ratingen the Euro NCAP Secretary General said “With the limited number of systems available and tested, we can already see real differences in their performance and expected real world benefit. However, we compliment the manufacturers of the systems in today’s launch, whether the system scored good, adequate or marginal, for already offering this technology onto their cars and hope that our results will help them to further develop their systems.”

With young drivers being blamed for high accident figures and many measures being discussed to raise age limits and to add to the difficulty of the driving licence, major manufacturer Ford have stepped in with a young driver training programme – which has already been heralded as a success.

Known as the Ford Driving Skills for Life programme, the one day event, held at Excel in London and the Trafford Centre in Manchester originally opened up 300 free places to participants aged between 17 and 24 who not only had the chance of gaining experience on a purpose built track but also received tips and guidance from the experts. However, the prospect of the event was so popular that some 500 would be students applied for the places.

Young drivers make up a large proportion of those looking for used cars Aberdeenshire and with the number of accidents involving younger drivers at an all-time high, a solution is very much needed. However, critics of the government plans have hailed the efforts of Ford in highlighting the dangers without punishing those drivers who do wish to drive safely.

Poplar and Limehouse MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, spoke at the London event, saying: “As an ex-fire-fighter of 23 years I’ve seen some very serious accidents, so Ford Driving Skills for Life has my wholehearted support. Educating young drivers about the potential dangers they face as new road users, and more importantly, how to prevent accidents happening can only be a good thing.”

Proving once and for all that they’ve shaken off their once humorous reputation, Skoda have picked up yet another prestigious award.

This time, the Skoda Superb Estate was given the top honour of being named the Caravan Club Towcar of the year with judges saying that the car truly lived up to its’ name.

Also in the running were the SsangYong Korando SE, the Skoda Octavia hatch 1.2 TSI SE 105PS, the Volkswagen Jetta Sport 2.0TDI DSG, the Skoda Superb Elegance Estate 2.0 TDI CR 170PS 4×4 DSG, the Jaguar XF 2.2D Luxury, the Jaguar XF Sportbrake 3.0D Portfolio and the Land Rover Range Rover SDV8 Autobiography. The various tests included a mid-range 20 – 60 mph acceleration, a high speed towing appraisal, reversal, emergency braking and hill starts among others.

Of all of the vehicles, the Superb emerged the eventual victor with the judges saying “this vehicle is as good as it gets”.  In addition, the Superb was praised for fuel efficiency and low emissions.

When combined with various features, including addition storage in the car itself as well as the boot and a variety of gadgets for travellers, the news means that those people searching for used cars for sale in Bedfordshire could do much worse than a Skoda.

Car dealers have been warned to be on the alert after a plan to obtain the financial details of BMW customers was highlighted.

BMW dealers received requests from fraudsters who claimed to be from the BMW finance departments and requesting personal information from clients who had recently made finance applications.

In response, BMW then circulated a letter throughout their own network warning them of the scam, saying “We have become aware that there have been attempts made by third parties over the last couple of days to obtain both application data and copies of identity documentation from several dealerships.The third parties have been claiming to be from our underwriting department and asking for recent applications to be faxed to them, there have also been occasions when the dealer has been asked if they had made any changes to recent applications and for a copy of the driving licence to be sent.”

Whilst no details were passed on, the threat to customer safety was taken so seriously that the Finance and Leasing Association (the FLA) has taken affirmative action, emailing other finance companies and car dealerships to warn them of the possible risk to their customers’ details.

With dealerships on high alert, it’s hoped that those people looking for cars for sale in Stevenage and seeking finance to do so will have no cause for concern.

If your company is in need of a new commercial van then you may wish to consider a used vehicle. Used vans are much more affordable and, providing a quality van is purchased, perform just as well as their newer counterparts. Volkswagen used vans in particular, make for excellent commercial vehicles for companies who do not want to blow their budget on a vehicle. Below are some tips for buying one of the best commercial vans out there.


Before buying Volkswagen used vans, you need to think about who will be driving them and what qualifications they have. This will help you to determine the size and style of van you require.


It is also a good idea to consider the terrain upon which the van will regularly be driving. This will allow you to choose a van that is able to easily navigate its route whilst being as economic as possible.


If you are looking for a van to carry goods and merchandise, you will need to work out the typical load it will be expected to carry. This will enable you to find a load bearing van which will meet your needs.

Today getting discount rates from car insurance package isn’t very difficult because of the challenging competition one of the insurance companies in competition with each other to provide their finest possible services, best rates, least expensive rates, best covered plan, and so on.

You will find various kinds of car insurance discount rates that are around today. However not every one of the insurance provider offer each one of these discount rates, but many of them did to include value within their overall competition against their competitors within the insurance market.

Here are a few common kinds of car insurance discount rates which might be relevant for many individuals available:

a. Combination discount

Normally, a discount of 10-20% discount rates out of your fees are permitted should you insure your house as well as your vehicle with similar insurance provider or by covering several vehicle with similar insurance provider. This can viable you to definitely obtain some kind of combination discount in the insurance provider like a gesture of appreciation.

b. Loyalty Discount

Some car insurance companies offer loyalty discount rates for their clients who was simply together for 3 many above. This discount can help to eliminate some five to tenPercent from the premium in some instances. This serves among the incentives presented to your regular clients in order to sustain long-term relationship between your customer and also the insurance provider.

c. Safety Discount

This specific discount is just relevant for several states in the united states like a mandatory kind of discount, such as with Florida and New You are able to, motorists who’ve outfitted their automobiles with a few of these additional security features for example antilock brakes, airbags, automatic seatbelt, antitheft products are compensated keeping the vehicle safe discount.

d. Good student discount

This discount is distributed around single motorists younger than 25 with specific academic accomplishments within their current educational curriculum and atmosphere.

e. Senior defensive Driver discount

This discount is qualified only by individuals who should be a minimum of 65 years of age and who’ve carried out a driver’s educational course authorized by the Department of Cars.

f. Electronic Stability Control discount

This really is only relevant for collision coverage, this discount can be obtained for individuals with passenger cars outfitted using the electronic stability control feature.

g. Maqui berry farmers and Ranchers work discount

Automobiles for example farm trucks, will be titled for this discount whether if he’s the dog owner, tenant or permanent resident from the farm or ranch premises. The car ought to be mainly garaged on the farm or ranch and cannot be utilized for just about any other purpose than farming.

h. Compensated entirely discount

Clients who compensated their insurance 100% entirely term with cash normally is going to be titled to some discount as high as 20%.

They are only a few of the couple of kinds of discount rates that are provided by the car insurance companies for particular group(or terms and usage). Apart from these, you will find many other kinds of Insurance discount rates that are provided where one can look for by considering the web.

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